Monday, April 30, 2007


It's a rather nice day out. I figured I'd post something before heading on campus to do a few errands. My quiz went OK today in Personal Finance. Now all I have left to do is a paper and presentation on Douglas MacArthur for OBC 4300. Shouldn't be too bad. I have all night to work on it, with no baseball games to distract me. It's as if it's... fate...

After lunch I watched last week's episode of 24, and boy, am I sick of the show. They still win though, because I'll probably watch the remainder of the season. It's just four more episodes. They had such a great plot going, and now they have this whole Chinese thing going on. It's kinda crazy.

One more day. Pretty amazing. I'm excited. House meeting went well last night. Got a few laughs. Good way to go out. I then proceeded to have a few beers, then went bowling. That was fun, until my lane broke. That sucked, but it was fun nonetheless. I then made my way over to the "Senior Breakfast" at 9:00PM, where I got a free "padfolio," which I'll likely never use, but it's nice to have. I got a t-shirt, too. Very nice.

Well, time to go fax a few things and enjoy the day.

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