Saturday, April 28, 2007


Great weather out today. Joanna and I had breakfast at the Gold Star Restaurant. Great food, really cheap. I highly recommend it.

Yankees vs. Sox on right now. I'm trying to get some work done. I was up on campus doing that biography for OBC 4300. It turns out I am first on the list of presentations on Tuesday. Not too bad. I'd rather go first, anyway. Personal Finance is slow reading, but that's to be expected.

We are dining in style tonight at the Sole Proprietor. It's so busy that we have a 9:00PM reservation, but I rather like eating late. It really finishes the day up nice.

I saw a video of Tobey Maguire today smacking the camera out of a fan's hand in Paris. I hate how the media makes scenes like this out to be so horrible. The fan looked like he was harassing Maguire, he said "Don't touch me, dude," then smacked the camera out of the guy's hand when he shoved it in front of him. That's just a guy getting harassed. Maguire showed some good restraint. The media is a bunch of pigs.

Graduation Party planning has officially begun. Something like 35 people on my invite list. Not too shabby. If half of them show up, that'll be a good showing. I'm not too concerned. I'm going to be having fun.

Back to "work."

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