Thursday, April 26, 2007


Busy, busy, busy. Just got back from the Wachusett Brewing Company for a growler refill trip. They've changed their set up around. Fancy. Now you have to go through the front entrance. Crazy. The beer's still good and cheap.

Right now I'm getting ready to head to the gym, then when I get back I have a meeting with my OBC class group to go over a 10 minute presentation on our news article scrap book. Pretty unique assignment. Can't say I know what it's all about, or why we need to do it, but it should at least be interesting. We have to find a theme amongst the barrage of news articles collected by the five team members over the course of the term (two per week, so about 60 in total) and make some sort of presentation out of it.

The good part of the day is the ECE Senior Banquet at Ping's. I'm pretty excited. Good food, and I get to "chat with my professors over mai tais and Scorpion Bowls." I wonder if WPI is paying... That would be nice. The Civil Department paid for Joanna's drinks! Lucky. She is off to a "dining-in" with ROTC buddies. Apparently there's a tradition of drinking grog or something like that. Hopefully it will go over well.

Gym time.

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