Friday, April 13, 2007

4-13-07, Friday the 13th

Lucky Friday. Weather is iffy. Sort of a raw day, but not as bad as yesterday; all sorts of shit falling from the sky. At least it's only a little chilly.

Heading over to Holy Cross in a little bit to attend Joanna's President's Review. It's been a long week for her with practice and stuff, and I think she's a little nervous. Can't blame her. She looked tired this morning at class.

Can't believe they fired Imus. What a crock of shit. My father's take on it is pretty good. He's listened to Imus for years. He called it "a bunch of bullshit being thrown around by hypocritical wimps." CBS decided it had enough of Imus and needed to take action. This was, of course, after continued controversy and a significant sponsor exodus. I made my opinion known yesterday about that, so I won't repeat myself.

The other issue is who exactly got Imus fired. It was mostly Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who made this out to be a huge epidemic. How does that work? Some old white guy said something stupid about a group of young black women. Sure, it has some vicious racial context, but it was between Imus and the Rutgers women. It should have stayed that way, and maybe Imus serves a two week suspension. Ironically, the Duke Lacrosse players were released of all wrong-doing yesterday, causing an apology from their vicious prosecutor. Do you think it might be expected that Sharpton and Jackson apologize for their comments on the players? One would hope so, but who knows. I haven't heard anything yet, but I have a feeling that will come into play soon.

No Sox game last night due to rain. Sucks for the Mariners. A seven game road trip turned into a two game road trip because of horrendous rain in Cleveland for four games and one night of shit in Boston. That's April. Game has been rescheduled for May 3rd, which is fine with me.

So Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard won't come out 'til October. I'm actually OK with that, since I've had a Mac now for about two months and would like to keep working with Tiger for a while before having to shell out money for the upgrade. That, and I'd rather wait for all the bugs to come out. Speaking of Mac, did you see their new ads? Probably not. Nobody reads this but me...

Speaking of those ads, I've noticed a strange phenomenon. I enjoy those ads, but it's doubly good that the two actors, John Hodgman and Justin Long, are from places I am very familiar with, Brookline, MA and Fairfield, CT. After all, I live right next to Fairfield. My father knows Long's brother, who is a teacher and looks very much like his famous actor sibling. But to add to this strange phenomenon, I am also a fan of The Office and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Get this:

Conan O'Brien: Brookline, MA
Steve Carell: Concord, MA
John Krasinski: Newton, MA
B.J. Novak (Producer and actor): Newton, MA

Sure, Novak and Krasinski are high school buddies, but I didn't know until about a week ago that they were from the Boston area.

It's not really a phenomenon, I guess, but it's pretty cool.

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