Monday, April 30, 2007


It's a rather nice day out. I figured I'd post something before heading on campus to do a few errands. My quiz went OK today in Personal Finance. Now all I have left to do is a paper and presentation on Douglas MacArthur for OBC 4300. Shouldn't be too bad. I have all night to work on it, with no baseball games to distract me. It's as if it's... fate...

After lunch I watched last week's episode of 24, and boy, am I sick of the show. They still win though, because I'll probably watch the remainder of the season. It's just four more episodes. They had such a great plot going, and now they have this whole Chinese thing going on. It's kinda crazy.

One more day. Pretty amazing. I'm excited. House meeting went well last night. Got a few laughs. Good way to go out. I then proceeded to have a few beers, then went bowling. That was fun, until my lane broke. That sucked, but it was fun nonetheless. I then made my way over to the "Senior Breakfast" at 9:00PM, where I got a free "padfolio," which I'll likely never use, but it's nice to have. I got a t-shirt, too. Very nice.

Well, time to go fax a few things and enjoy the day.

Sunday, April 29, 2007


My last House Meeting. It has arrived. I've been trying to think of what I will say to the underclassmen, and I think it should go well. Mostly some observations on how to help on an individual basis. I'll try not to get too sentimental. We have bowling afterwards, which should be fun.

I spent most of the day studying for Personal Finance. Joanna and I had a video chat while studying, which worked out well. She had a bunch of good questions, which we both benefited from. I'll just do a little more studying tonight and I should be all set. Not too worried. The Professor knows me.

Dinner at the Sole was great. Joanna and I both had:

Trout fillet rolled and baked with a scallop and bacon stuffing. Topped with an almond cilantro pesto. Served over rice and mixed vegetables."

The trout was very good. The scallops were decent. The sauce was great. Not too expensive, either. Not cheap, but not outrageous. Their web site says they are one of America's top 10 seafood restaurants. Great place to eat. I highly recommend it.

Sox won today. Took two out of three in the series, making it five out of the first six games against the Yankees this season. Good run so far. Hopefully they will keep this up. I'll be attending the game against the Tigers on May 14th. That should be a treat. Can't wait.

Today is "Riot Day," by the way. 15 years ago today, the LA Riots began. I like to "celebrate" it every year by remembering how bad an event it was. More of an awareness thing. Don't go crazy.

Saturday, April 28, 2007


Great weather out today. Joanna and I had breakfast at the Gold Star Restaurant. Great food, really cheap. I highly recommend it.

Yankees vs. Sox on right now. I'm trying to get some work done. I was up on campus doing that biography for OBC 4300. It turns out I am first on the list of presentations on Tuesday. Not too bad. I'd rather go first, anyway. Personal Finance is slow reading, but that's to be expected.

We are dining in style tonight at the Sole Proprietor. It's so busy that we have a 9:00PM reservation, but I rather like eating late. It really finishes the day up nice.

I saw a video of Tobey Maguire today smacking the camera out of a fan's hand in Paris. I hate how the media makes scenes like this out to be so horrible. The fan looked like he was harassing Maguire, he said "Don't touch me, dude," then smacked the camera out of the guy's hand when he shoved it in front of him. That's just a guy getting harassed. Maguire showed some good restraint. The media is a bunch of pigs.

Graduation Party planning has officially begun. Something like 35 people on my invite list. Not too shabby. If half of them show up, that'll be a good showing. I'm not too concerned. I'm going to be having fun.

Back to "work."

Friday, April 27, 2007


I am sitting in the Campus Centre right now table-sitting for Habitat for Humanity. Instead of trying to hound people down for donations, I have set up a clever rouse to gather money from graduating Order of Omega members. I currently have all the graduation cords, and I've told people to stop by to get them. So far: one victim. Not looking too good. I hear an accordion to my right, though. That's always a good thing.

The presentation went better than expected today in OBC 4300, though we weren't quite as clever as other groups. One group did a news-cast, another did Jeopardy, and the other did a coffee-shop discussion. I thought ours was the most in depth and personal. At least, that's what I'm sticking with.

I'm not sure what else I'll be doing today, but it should be fun. Joanna's mother is coming down, so that should be interesting.

Matsuzaka tonight! First game in Yankee Stadium. The Yankees' pitching staff is getting healthy, which is not a good thing. At least the Sox have taken some advantage of the poor run the Yankees have had as of late.

I saw a pretty funny video yesterday of Jack Black. Great rendition if "Kiss from a Rose." I like how they had Seal show up, but I'll still never watch American Idol.

No golf today due to rain. Shitty. Oh well. Only two class days left!

Thursday, April 26, 2007


Busy, busy, busy. Just got back from the Wachusett Brewing Company for a growler refill trip. They've changed their set up around. Fancy. Now you have to go through the front entrance. Crazy. The beer's still good and cheap.

Right now I'm getting ready to head to the gym, then when I get back I have a meeting with my OBC class group to go over a 10 minute presentation on our news article scrap book. Pretty unique assignment. Can't say I know what it's all about, or why we need to do it, but it should at least be interesting. We have to find a theme amongst the barrage of news articles collected by the five team members over the course of the term (two per week, so about 60 in total) and make some sort of presentation out of it.

The good part of the day is the ECE Senior Banquet at Ping's. I'm pretty excited. Good food, and I get to "chat with my professors over mai tais and Scorpion Bowls." I wonder if WPI is paying... That would be nice. The Civil Department paid for Joanna's drinks! Lucky. She is off to a "dining-in" with ROTC buddies. Apparently there's a tradition of drinking grog or something like that. Hopefully it will go over well.

Gym time.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


It's a little cooler out today, but not too bad. It might rain Friday, so I'm going golfing today to finally get my money's worth. Should be fun.

Joanna and I, and her apartment-mate Hattie, ate at Panera last night. Pretty nice little sandwich shop/ bread place. It feels like a Manhattan lunch spot, but it's not. Strange.

A four year-old kid got nailed at a football game. I have to blame the father on this one. The guy wasn't pissed off or anything, so at least he knows he screwed up. The kid was standing near the end zone and a guy caught a pass and nailed the kid, pinning him next to a padded wall. The kid is lucky to be alive. Pretty intense.

I'm getting back my car today. My mom's in Boston on business today, so we're swapping cars this afternoon. Hopefully I'll get a free dinner out of this. Nice.

I just got back from lunch at the House. We were watching The Andromeda Strain, which is an awesome movie. I have only seen parts of it. I should rent it. Speaking of movies, quite a few coming out soon. I want to see Hot Fuzz, but $10 is a lot to see a movie like that in theatres. I've heard great reviews, but I'll wait for it to come out on DVD for rental. Other movies coming out: Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Shrek: The Third, and Spider-Man 3. Also coming out this summer: Ocean's 13, The Simpsons Movie, and Harry Potter: Order of the Phoenix. What a world!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Whoa! I've been so busy with the sun being out and the weather being all nice that I forgot to post for a couple days. No worry. I've been having some fun.

Weather has been spectacular. It was 85 degrees yesterday! We've been having barbecues and softball and all sorts of stuff. Joanna and I went golfing yesterday. I'm going again tomorrow and Friday, just for good measure. Should be fun.

Well the Sox have been doing well, especially in their game the other day where they hit four home runs in a row. First time in team history! I was watching it at the house, and we had been DVRing it, so we rewound and watched the four home runs again. After the second view of the third home run, Joe Bailey walked in. We told him they had just hit three in a row, and he started saying how rare it is to hit one home run, let alone three in a row. Too bad he walked away before we could make any bets about the fourth. That would've been fun.

One more week of school! I need to finish up my biography on Douglas MacArthur, and my group for management class needs to meet on Thursday to go through our news article scrap book. I'm not too sure why we need to make a presentation on this. Seems kinda screwy. Oh well. It's been an interesting class.

Hopefully I'll remember to post again tomorrow, but if the weather is nice, I'll get over it.

Gym time.

Saturday, April 21, 2007


What a win for the Sox last night! I thought it was pretty much over. Four runs down and Rivera coming in. What a game. What a game.

Very nice day outside today. I went to the gym in the morning and we had our Grad. Appreciation Day, which is going fine. Right now I'm getting ready for Joanna's ROTC Cotillion, which we are currently late for. Not to worry, Joanna spent the entire day taking the FE. Ouch.

Fortunately, I've spent too much time outside today to look at the news or anything like that. I played a little game of softball with a few grads and a bunch of WPI sophomores. Fun time. It's nice to be able to play little pick-up games like that. Interesting to see WPI students doing that, too. Good kids.

Well, time to head over the the Crowne Plaza for this shin-dig. Hopefully it will be fun.

Interesting video:

Friday, April 20, 2007


Great, great weather outside. 60 degrees and sunny! I just set up a tee time at Bedrock, so that should be fun.

I had an interview with Emily Perlow today, head of Greek Life. It went pretty well. Pretty interesting story there.

Yankees vs. Red Sox tonight, first edition of 2007. It's always exciting, but for some reason it doesn't feel quite the same this year. The Yankees' pitching rotation is so screwed up because of injuries that it doesn't feel like the Yankees. I'll still watch the game, though.

Well, the stir-fry chicken turned out OK last night. I forgot a couple ingredients, so it wasn't quite the same. I also made WAY too much food. Almost got sick. Good thing I had a volleyball game last night to help digest. Also good was the fact that it was our easiest game of the year. They were so bad...

Joanna and I went to Brew City last night for a couple drinks. Really good time. She was in a great mood, which I always like. Tonight we're making bay scallops. I'm thinking of trying a deep fry recipe. I need to pick up some flour.

Golf time.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


FINALLY a sunny day! It's about 50 degrees out, but I don't care; the window is open anyway. Need to get some fresh air in my room. Funky smell...

I picked up my free ticket to the ECE Senior Banquet today. I had to fill out a survey, which took about 10 minutes. Well worth the trip to Ping's!

I tried making a steak recipe last night, which turned out OK. On the way back from the gym I grabbed some cheap steak at Price Chopper and just peppered the shit out of it. Came out great. Tonight I'm trying a Thai favorite of mine: stir-fry chicken with cashews. One of my altogether favorite dishes. Can't wait.

I also can't wait to go golfing tomorrow. The course might be a little soggy, but I'll manage. I need to get my $25 worth.

I've tried reading Jim Cramer's book, but for some reason I just can't get into it. It's pretty dense, but not too big. It's got a lot of advice on stocks and stuff. We're starting the topic of investments tomorrow in Personal Finance, so maybe I'll be more interested then. Right now I'm more concerned about my Roth IRA. It's going OK so far. I read online that 25% of Americans don't have any savings, including retirement. That's pretty substantial. That's 25% that most likely will need the government's help once they stop working, meaning Medicaid and welfare are going to be pinched. I'm not sure if this is a consistent figure in history, but I figured the number would be around 10% or maybe 15%. When 1/4 of the population has no savings, the other 3/4 are going to pay for it.

Volleyball game tonight against Phi Sigma Sigma. Playoffs! Hopefully it will go well. No big deal. I might stop by the lacrosse game against UNH.

I'm not a huge fan of soccer, but I do like to watch a game from time to time, especially when I'm home and we have three or four channels on DirecTV. Today I saw a video of an awesome goal scored by Barcelona's Lionel Messi. Incredible.


The dangers of stand-up comedy
One patient guy
Save Pandora!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Another rainy day. So lame. I've been waiting to golf for over a month now. Pretty frustrating.

Joanna and I went to a test review for Personal Finance. It was OK, but it was hard to figure out what questions we got wrong. I saw about seven or eight that I wasn't sure about. He explained the answers, so at least if he asks them again on the third test, I might remember.

Not a whole lot going on today. Softball class was canceled because of rain and because the gym was being used for the open house. Not too bad. We've been playing inside the past few classes. Gets pretty old.

I just saw something on TV about an electric bike. It has a motor that helps you out with pedaling. How lazy is that? Sure, it's a neat concept, but for $1500, is it worth it? I'm not so sure. It looks like a regular bike. That reminds me, I haven't ridden my bike for a while. I hope it's still downstairs... Haven't seen it for months...

The TED conference, held annually in Monterey, California, has posted a whole bunch of videos on their website. Check it out. Really neat stuff.

Matsuzaka had another good start turn sour because of lack of run support. He had one bad inning, gave up two runs, gets the loss. The really unfortunate part is people who don't follow baseball will say "1-2 record, what a bust!" Two runs ought to win you a game any day. Too bad.

Time to get organized and to get to the gym. See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So apparently the kid behind the VA Tech shootings has been identified. What a strange, sad time. So far no motive has been announced, but I bet it was jealousy. Can't be sure. You can't predict the acts of the insane.

Joanna had her MQP presentation this morning. It went pretty well. Took pretty much exactly 20 minutes, so it wasn't too long or short. Very professional. I understood most of it. Something about HDPE design of a strong/weak post guardrail.

I watched a couple episodes of Fraggle Rock. What a great show. I really miss being a kid and just sitting there on a Saturday morning watching cartoons. I didn't do it a lot. Goddamn sports... Either way, it was a fun time.

My last actual piece of work as an undergraduate is a biographical piece on General Douglas MacArthur. 3-5 pages, and it feels like 30-50. I borrowed 5 books from the library, and each and every one of them is SLOW reading. Unbelievable. So far I have 1.5 paragraphs done. It's not due 'til next Friday, so I should be OK. I'll keep you posted.

I hope to go golfing this Friday if the weather clears up. Can't wait. Only two weeks left of school, and I have yet to go golfing. This weather is killing me. I need to get my money's worth!

Link time!

Pretty funny incident at yesterday's Sox game involving pizza
SNL: Don't buy stuff you can't afford!
Steve Carell is a dedicated hockey goalie
Clark, the Canadian Hockey Goalie

Monday, April 16, 2007


Strange, strange day. Had a good time at softball class playing indoor wiffle-ball. Started off playing first base and we were losing 4-0, then I pitched us back into the game into an eventual 8-5 win. Amazing, eh.

The Sox game started at around 12:15PM (two hour delay), so I watched the first few innings then went to the gym. The game wasn't on there, but I did notice the coverage of the Virginia Tech shooting. It just doesn't seem real. One gunman, 30+ dead. Just horrific. I don't even know how to respond to it. I remember sitting in my kitchen years ago back home watching the coverage of the Columbine shooting. This was way, way worse.

Then it reminded me of a common question that comes up in terrible scenarios like this: "How can some one do this?" Simple: they're in-fucking-sane. You can't possibly reason with it. There's no rational approach to killing a person, let along dozens of people. I haven't heard too many details, but the gunman is dead. Apparently he was looking for his girlfriend and lined up a bunch of students and shot them. I just can't imagine being there. It's scary.

Dinner over at Joanna's in about an hour. Spicy chicken and mac & cheese. Exciting! Dinner at Block Five was pretty good. I had a Greek Salad Pizza. Check out their menu. It's pretty wild.

15 days 'til classes are over. 33 days 'til Graduation. Pretty surreal. I try not to get too excited, but it is pretty nice to have it happen.

Do you remember Fraggle Rock? I loved that show as a kid. I have this one image of a show as a kid that I just can't place. It's been bugging me for years. Maybe one day it will fade out of memory. Not sure if that's a good thing or not.

Funny article on Mac OSX Leopard.
Jason Whitlock on the Imus situation

Sunday, April 15, 2007


More bad weather. It's a wintry mix out today. Pretty lame. Hopefully it'll be nice out some time this week so I can go golfing. Really looking forward to that. The Sox game was postponed. They won big again yesterday.

The Spring Formal was last night. Went OK, but attendance was pretty low. Don't really know why. Joanna had a good time. It was fun. The strange part was how other couples had gone out to nice dinners, but with Joanna's grandmother's birthday party, we couldn't go out. I dined in style at Wendy's. Sweet deal.

Slept like shit last night. No idea why. Woke up and was shivering, but wasn't really cold. Perhaps it was just dehydration. I grabbed a class of water and sat in my huge chair in the corner that I never sit in. Maybe it was the chair. I never sit there. It takes up so much space, and yet I never use it.

My parents and sister are on a sweet Caribbean cruise right now. I'm pretty jealous, but hey, not too bad. I'll be in Hawaii in a couple months on the beach. Not a bad deal. I can't believe my dad drove up to Worcester on Friday just to drop my clubs off. Put them in the Jeep and everything. What a guy. I'm spoiled.

Joanna's family and I are eating at Block Five tonight. Pretty interesting place. She and I ate there before a formal a couple years ago. I remember having a strange, but good, pizza. It'll be nice to eat there again. Early dinner. Then at 6:00PM it's the weekly House Meeting. Exciting.


Star Wars references in Family Guy
Imus fired because of 9/11 secret???
New interface in Leopard

Saturday, April 14, 2007


Foam Party was last night. I have to say, I was very, very impressed at Kappmeyer's work with the foam machines. We tried out a new system this year, and it went off marvelously. Here's a picture Goon took of the foam test. Pretty amazing. Joanna and I didn't stick around for too long, but we had fun in the foam.

Tonight is our Spring Formal, which I think should go well. Joanna is up at her place for her grandmother's birthday. Her President's Review over at Holy Cross went well yesterday. She got her orders! Communications Officer. Pretty neat stuff.

Today is April Adrenaline, with a bunch of stuff the House is doing up on campus. Greek games and the like. Not sure how well we're going to do, but it should be an interesting time. Free food, either way.

Apple has another new "Get a Mac" ad, called "Stuffed." Pretty clever.

Well, I'm gonna head up to see what's going on.

Friday, April 13, 2007

4-13-07, Friday the 13th

Lucky Friday. Weather is iffy. Sort of a raw day, but not as bad as yesterday; all sorts of shit falling from the sky. At least it's only a little chilly.

Heading over to Holy Cross in a little bit to attend Joanna's President's Review. It's been a long week for her with practice and stuff, and I think she's a little nervous. Can't blame her. She looked tired this morning at class.

Can't believe they fired Imus. What a crock of shit. My father's take on it is pretty good. He's listened to Imus for years. He called it "a bunch of bullshit being thrown around by hypocritical wimps." CBS decided it had enough of Imus and needed to take action. This was, of course, after continued controversy and a significant sponsor exodus. I made my opinion known yesterday about that, so I won't repeat myself.

The other issue is who exactly got Imus fired. It was mostly Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who made this out to be a huge epidemic. How does that work? Some old white guy said something stupid about a group of young black women. Sure, it has some vicious racial context, but it was between Imus and the Rutgers women. It should have stayed that way, and maybe Imus serves a two week suspension. Ironically, the Duke Lacrosse players were released of all wrong-doing yesterday, causing an apology from their vicious prosecutor. Do you think it might be expected that Sharpton and Jackson apologize for their comments on the players? One would hope so, but who knows. I haven't heard anything yet, but I have a feeling that will come into play soon.

No Sox game last night due to rain. Sucks for the Mariners. A seven game road trip turned into a two game road trip because of horrendous rain in Cleveland for four games and one night of shit in Boston. That's April. Game has been rescheduled for May 3rd, which is fine with me.

So Mac OSX 10.5 Leopard won't come out 'til October. I'm actually OK with that, since I've had a Mac now for about two months and would like to keep working with Tiger for a while before having to shell out money for the upgrade. That, and I'd rather wait for all the bugs to come out. Speaking of Mac, did you see their new ads? Probably not. Nobody reads this but me...

Speaking of those ads, I've noticed a strange phenomenon. I enjoy those ads, but it's doubly good that the two actors, John Hodgman and Justin Long, are from places I am very familiar with, Brookline, MA and Fairfield, CT. After all, I live right next to Fairfield. My father knows Long's brother, who is a teacher and looks very much like his famous actor sibling. But to add to this strange phenomenon, I am also a fan of The Office and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Get this:

Conan O'Brien: Brookline, MA
Steve Carell: Concord, MA
John Krasinski: Newton, MA
B.J. Novak (Producer and actor): Newton, MA

Sure, Novak and Krasinski are high school buddies, but I didn't know until about a week ago that they were from the Boston area.

It's not really a phenomenon, I guess, but it's pretty cool.

Interesting links:

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Thursday, April 12, 2007


Boy, that Felix Hernandez is one talented kid. I like being able to say that, since he is younger than me. The 20 year-old pitched a one-hitter last night against the Red Sox, almost - ALMOST - overshadowing the first home start of Daisuke Matsuzaka. Pretty impressive. Too bad for Daisuke. Three runs is good enough for almost any game in the A.L. I have a feeling Hernandez is going to be among the top pitchers of his generation. This is almost as weird as watching Sidney Crosby, 19 years old, rack up the amount of points he has on his way to the Art Ross Trophy. Amazing.

The Personal Finance test went OK, I hope. There seemed to be more tricky questions than on the first test. A whole bunch of stuff on insurance, taxes, and car purchasing. Hopefully I did OK.

My mother is starting to recommend a lot of "real world" literature to me now that I'll be entering the business world. Today she sent me an e-mail on "professional e-mail etiquette" and recommended The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman. I'll pick that up at the library, I suppose. Funny thing about the e-mail is one of the guys at the House thanked me for forwarding it out. Apparently he received that e-mail immediately after getting an e-mail from a prospective employer. I'm here to help.

Don Imus is sure in some deep shit. I feel bad for the guy. My father has listened to him for years, and I'm awaiting his response on his take of the situation. It's not that I'm sorry for Imus in that I agree with what he said. I don't. It just seems unfair to him that, after years of getting away with similar and sometimes even more severe statements, it's all coming down upon him now. It's all politics. MSNBC is appalled by the words, yet it was only after sponsors started pulling their ads from the program.

The truly sickening part of the entire scene is that things only become politically engaging when money comes into play. Yes, the Rutger's Women's Basketball Team has a very legitimate complaint: Imus himself called the incident a bad thing. Is he a racist? Probably. But he's that way for years. He's made fun of Jews, Catholics, politicians, and pretty much everybody else. It's part of his sense of humor. Is it wrong? It is if you have been insulted, I suppose. But how often do you laugh at jokes about a different race or a different people? It's sad how so many people hide behind a veil of innocence. I saw a video of a guy on Youtube call for the extermination of the white race! Was he wrong? I think so. Does he have the right to state his opinion? Yes. Does Don Imus have the constitutional right to say what he wants? Yes. On the airwaves? Absolutely. After all, they let him get away with it for years! It only became a travesty once American Express and Staples and other sponsors started pulling their ads. It's so sad how corporate greed is so often disguised as political correctness. Actually, the two go pretty well together, so why not keep up the charade.

Want a bit of comic relief? Read Conan O'Brien's Harvard Commencement Speech. Hilarious.

Gym time.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Softball went pretty well this morning. I hit a couple home runs. Weather is excellent (for the time being). You never know what's going to happen in sunny Worcester.

Sox won big yesterday 14-3 against the Mariners. I stopped watching after about 6 innings. Matsuzaka makes his first home start tonight. I'm excited. Planning on wearing my Matsuzaka shirt.

Rodriguez is hitting pretty well. Man, I hate Yankee fans. It's not just because I went to high school with hundreds of them. That's a big part. But the real pain is how spoiled they are. There they were with one of the biggest talents in the history of baseball, and they boo him. Now he's King of New York after hitting 5 home runs in 6 games. Once he cools off I bet we'll be hearing more boos than ever. It's so sad. I'm not going to say "Red Sox Nation" is any better. I just wish we had the chance to be as spoiled as the fans in New York.

I saw a pretty neat ad on Apple's website for the Apple TV. I can't say I'll be getting one any time in the near future, but I'm sure new versions of the product will come out within a year or so, maybe earlier. Hopefully they'll ad features, but I've heard good things about it. I can't say I disagree with the original news that it would be HD only (which I'm not hearing isn't true). The Telecommunications Act of 1996 helped establish an enormous amount of support for HDTV technology. I haven't read a lot about it, but from what I remember, by 2010 all TV stations will have HD broadcasts. I think it's a state-by-state effort, though. I sincerely hope this comes to pass, as it could create a higher demand for EEs in that market. I could sure use the job security.

Here are some cool links:

Curt Schilling's Blog
Scott Adams' (Dilbert creator) Blog
Vanguard Investments
John Krasinski (The Office) on Conan O'Brien

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Home opener today for the Red Sox in 2007. Pretty exciting stuff.

I'm sitting here in my room at 26 Institute Road just relaxing, doing a little bit of work, but nothing crazy. Test on Thursday in Personal Finance. Need to review the vocab. and re-read the chapters, but that can wait a bit.

It's still a bit chilly outside. In the 40's; 63 degrees in my room. I find having a thermometer in the room to be handy. The heat's kicking in.

I've really become quite addicted to Google Reader. It's a fascinating tool. Gives me all sorts of access to whatever news I could ever desire. Not just news, though. Today I listened to a guy from the U.K. who has a podcast on meditation. Very nice. I can read everything and play podcasts all online. That's nice, too.

Class was decent today. Talked about insurance in Personal Finance and persuasion in OBC 4300 (Senior Seminar). I guess Flip Morgan, President of Morgan Construction, is coming in to class on Friday. Should be interesting.

Well, back to work. Here are a few interesting links I found today:

Monday, April 2, 2007

First Post

Here's the first post of my first blog. I'll try to keep it updated whenever necessary.

Here's an interesting picture.