Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Home opener today for the Red Sox in 2007. Pretty exciting stuff.

I'm sitting here in my room at 26 Institute Road just relaxing, doing a little bit of work, but nothing crazy. Test on Thursday in Personal Finance. Need to review the vocab. and re-read the chapters, but that can wait a bit.

It's still a bit chilly outside. In the 40's; 63 degrees in my room. I find having a thermometer in the room to be handy. The heat's kicking in.

I've really become quite addicted to Google Reader. It's a fascinating tool. Gives me all sorts of access to whatever news I could ever desire. Not just news, though. Today I listened to a guy from the U.K. who has a podcast on meditation. Very nice. I can read everything and play podcasts all online. That's nice, too.

Class was decent today. Talked about insurance in Personal Finance and persuasion in OBC 4300 (Senior Seminar). I guess Flip Morgan, President of Morgan Construction, is coming in to class on Friday. Should be interesting.

Well, back to work. Here are a few interesting links I found today:




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