Thursday, April 12, 2007


Boy, that Felix Hernandez is one talented kid. I like being able to say that, since he is younger than me. The 20 year-old pitched a one-hitter last night against the Red Sox, almost - ALMOST - overshadowing the first home start of Daisuke Matsuzaka. Pretty impressive. Too bad for Daisuke. Three runs is good enough for almost any game in the A.L. I have a feeling Hernandez is going to be among the top pitchers of his generation. This is almost as weird as watching Sidney Crosby, 19 years old, rack up the amount of points he has on his way to the Art Ross Trophy. Amazing.

The Personal Finance test went OK, I hope. There seemed to be more tricky questions than on the first test. A whole bunch of stuff on insurance, taxes, and car purchasing. Hopefully I did OK.

My mother is starting to recommend a lot of "real world" literature to me now that I'll be entering the business world. Today she sent me an e-mail on "professional e-mail etiquette" and recommended The World is Flat by Thomas L. Friedman. I'll pick that up at the library, I suppose. Funny thing about the e-mail is one of the guys at the House thanked me for forwarding it out. Apparently he received that e-mail immediately after getting an e-mail from a prospective employer. I'm here to help.

Don Imus is sure in some deep shit. I feel bad for the guy. My father has listened to him for years, and I'm awaiting his response on his take of the situation. It's not that I'm sorry for Imus in that I agree with what he said. I don't. It just seems unfair to him that, after years of getting away with similar and sometimes even more severe statements, it's all coming down upon him now. It's all politics. MSNBC is appalled by the words, yet it was only after sponsors started pulling their ads from the program.

The truly sickening part of the entire scene is that things only become politically engaging when money comes into play. Yes, the Rutger's Women's Basketball Team has a very legitimate complaint: Imus himself called the incident a bad thing. Is he a racist? Probably. But he's that way for years. He's made fun of Jews, Catholics, politicians, and pretty much everybody else. It's part of his sense of humor. Is it wrong? It is if you have been insulted, I suppose. But how often do you laugh at jokes about a different race or a different people? It's sad how so many people hide behind a veil of innocence. I saw a video of a guy on Youtube call for the extermination of the white race! Was he wrong? I think so. Does he have the right to state his opinion? Yes. Does Don Imus have the constitutional right to say what he wants? Yes. On the airwaves? Absolutely. After all, they let him get away with it for years! It only became a travesty once American Express and Staples and other sponsors started pulling their ads. It's so sad how corporate greed is so often disguised as political correctness. Actually, the two go pretty well together, so why not keep up the charade.

Want a bit of comic relief? Read Conan O'Brien's Harvard Commencement Speech. Hilarious.

Gym time.

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