Sunday, April 15, 2007


More bad weather. It's a wintry mix out today. Pretty lame. Hopefully it'll be nice out some time this week so I can go golfing. Really looking forward to that. The Sox game was postponed. They won big again yesterday.

The Spring Formal was last night. Went OK, but attendance was pretty low. Don't really know why. Joanna had a good time. It was fun. The strange part was how other couples had gone out to nice dinners, but with Joanna's grandmother's birthday party, we couldn't go out. I dined in style at Wendy's. Sweet deal.

Slept like shit last night. No idea why. Woke up and was shivering, but wasn't really cold. Perhaps it was just dehydration. I grabbed a class of water and sat in my huge chair in the corner that I never sit in. Maybe it was the chair. I never sit there. It takes up so much space, and yet I never use it.

My parents and sister are on a sweet Caribbean cruise right now. I'm pretty jealous, but hey, not too bad. I'll be in Hawaii in a couple months on the beach. Not a bad deal. I can't believe my dad drove up to Worcester on Friday just to drop my clubs off. Put them in the Jeep and everything. What a guy. I'm spoiled.

Joanna's family and I are eating at Block Five tonight. Pretty interesting place. She and I ate there before a formal a couple years ago. I remember having a strange, but good, pizza. It'll be nice to eat there again. Early dinner. Then at 6:00PM it's the weekly House Meeting. Exciting.


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