Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Whoa! I've been so busy with the sun being out and the weather being all nice that I forgot to post for a couple days. No worry. I've been having some fun.

Weather has been spectacular. It was 85 degrees yesterday! We've been having barbecues and softball and all sorts of stuff. Joanna and I went golfing yesterday. I'm going again tomorrow and Friday, just for good measure. Should be fun.

Well the Sox have been doing well, especially in their game the other day where they hit four home runs in a row. First time in team history! I was watching it at the house, and we had been DVRing it, so we rewound and watched the four home runs again. After the second view of the third home run, Joe Bailey walked in. We told him they had just hit three in a row, and he started saying how rare it is to hit one home run, let alone three in a row. Too bad he walked away before we could make any bets about the fourth. That would've been fun.

One more week of school! I need to finish up my biography on Douglas MacArthur, and my group for management class needs to meet on Thursday to go through our news article scrap book. I'm not too sure why we need to make a presentation on this. Seems kinda screwy. Oh well. It's been an interesting class.

Hopefully I'll remember to post again tomorrow, but if the weather is nice, I'll get over it.

Gym time.

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