Tuesday, May 1, 2007


DONE WITH COLLEGE. Wow. Normally I let the excitement spread out over time, which I still plan on doing now. I am pretty pumped.

The funny part about college vs. high school is that college is relatively disjointed. I'm not going off to work. I'm moving back home. And, I haven't stayed in Worcester for the four years. With long breaks, it's like a new experience every time. I suppose the really good thing is that all the work has finally paid off. That's quite nice.

First thing I did to celebrate was... take a nap. For some reason I just fell right to sleep. My presentation went well this morning. Fortunately (for me), only 2/3 of the class was on time, and I went first. So, I only presented in front of about 10 or 11 people. The paper didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped, but it's not terrible. It's OK.

Right now I am watching the UEFA semifinal: Liverpool vs. Chelsea. The other semifinal (Manchested UTD vs. Milan) is tomorrow, which I also might watch. The first order of business is to figure out dinner, then to make a list of what I need to take home. Unlike freshman, sophomore, and junior years, I have some time to move out, and I'm going to take it. I don't start work until mid June, and we have until the 20th to move out. Not too shabby. I leave for home tomorrow morning.

Time to figure out the eating situation.

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