Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Back in Worcester today. The dentist appointment went surprisingly well this morning. Apparently I went from "having gingivitis" to being "healthy," despite little to no (or negative) improvement in brushing and/or flossing. In fact, I rarely floss. I think it was because I've graduated. Maybe. It seems fishy. But, I sure did brush well the last couple days.

Joanna is currently in the process of moving. The movers came around 5PM, and are moving along well. I'm over at the House hanging out until they're done.

Funny thing happened about an hour ago. Joanna and I were walking around Becker's small campus, and found a plaque saying "On June 12, 1880, the first perfect game in professional baseball was pitched on this site." There is proof. I took a picture. I'll post it tomorrow.

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