Thursday, May 10, 2007


"Confirmed for Graduation"! Finally! I've been waiting for months just for some one to officially say I'm graduating. Finally happened. One word: relief.

Hanging out in Worcester today. Going to head out to Dunkin's for some coffee in a few minutes, then maybe to the gym this afternoon. It's getting warm out; in the 80's I think. Kinda humid, too.

Another good game by the Sox last night. Matsuzaka really recovered well from his last start. Manny and Ortiz homered, too.

So Schilling is in some hot water again because of his blog. I hope this blog reaches that kind of notoriety one day. Apparently he said something about Barry Bonds that he wanted to take back. Some guy on NECN (not NESN) ripped Schilling for the blog, calling it selfish. No shit, it's a blog. And this is America. I see blogs as a pretty clear freedom under the first amendment there, buddy. It's right near freedom of the press, which, uh, you like to use yourself. I think Christ said not to throw stones when your house is made of glass, or something like that. I don't think Christ lived in times of glass houses, but he said something like that once.

Well, time for coffee.

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