Thursday, May 24, 2007


In Worcester today, hanging around Joanna's apartment waiting for the movers. The first move is just clothes and stuff she'll need in Japan. My job right now is to sit in her room and make sure no one takes anything from it. Got it.

Last night we ate at the Outback down in Auburn. My grandmother gave me money to take Joanna out, and I think she enjoyed it. We both had the Victorian Crown Filet. Delicious. It took a while for her to order hers; it was a 5 minute conversation on the ratio of red vs. pink in the meat. As it turns out, I got her meat and she got mine. It was delicious.

Yankees took 2 out of 3 against the Sox. Oh well. Schilling pitched poorly last night, but we got a win out of Tavarez vs. Mussina. You can't predict this game.

Tomorrow I'll be at a golf tournament with the Heims. It's in Plymouth, for the Bridgewater State Hockey Team. I didn't even golf in my tournament. Of course, that was during the school year.

OK. I'm on watch.

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