Monday, May 7, 2007

5-6-07 (late)

It's actually Monday morning, the 7th, but I figured I'd make a post.

Cinco de Mayo was fun. Senor Pancho's wasn't as crazy as last year. Relatively calm, but still busy. There were 10 of us: 4 Canny, 3 Bridge, 2 Heim, and Megan's friend Mark. Pretty fun time overall. I think the Bridges liked it.

Yesterday Joanna and I just hung out, pretty much. We went to the driving range, which was OK, but the wind was pretty bad. We also went on a hike to Grace Richardson Open Space down the street. I like hikes. We also helped my father finish the rock wall down below.

Joanna gave me the idea to put funny stories on my blog so I remember them, so here is one from a couple years ago. It's pretty short.

My father and I were driving down Fairfield Woods Road one afternoon. It was pretty nice out, so we saw people taking walks and jogging, but one man in particular caught our attention. He was standing in front of what looked to be a demolished house, with his arms up as if to say:

"What happened to my fucking house?!"

True story.

Apparently Roger Clemens is back with the Yankees. He made a big, dramatic announcement during yesterday's Yankees game, apparently to the surprise of most people. Frankly, I don't really care, but saying how he wanted to be back there is a joke. It's the money. It's always been the money. He fucking retired from the Yankees four years ago, then went back to pitch for Houston. What a sham.

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