Sunday, May 13, 2007


Mother's Day is here. Pretty slow day. My grandparents are here stopping by on their annual trip up from Florida. It's always nice to see them.

I helped my dad take the roof of his Jeep. Only one, strange snag with an electrical connector, which took about an hour to solve. My mother fixed it in about a minute. Now I know why we dedicate a day to her each year. I think she's being ripped off.

Tomorrow is the Sox game. Should be a good one, especially with Matsuzaka pitching. His opponent: the Detroit Tigers, who have Nate Robertson on the mound. Exciting. Fire and Ice should be nice. I'm heading back up to Worcester late tonight. I'm not a huge fan of these back-and-forth trips, but oh well.

Apparently I missed a new episode of "The Office." I'll have to catch it on DVR tonight when I get back to Worcester.

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