Monday, May 28, 2007


Memorial Day 2007. I'm at home for the day. Going to get some work done in my room and help my dad out with some mulch out front. Not too bad. Weather looks decent. I'm heading back up north tomorrow after my dentist appointment.

My room is an absolute mess. I'm moving my bookcase out to the hallway, and my shelving unit from the window over to where the bookcase currently is. So, right now all the stuff from those two things are on my floor, along with a ton of other shit.

The party went well yesterday up at Joanna's. A ton of people showed up. I met a guy from Teradyne, another guy from BAE, and another guy whose son is starting an internship at Sikorsky. Surprising. It was a fun time. I think Joanna enjoyed it.

Gym time.

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