Sunday, May 13, 2007


It's late, and I'm about to get to bed, but I figured I'd share my day at Foxwoods.

Quite an overwhelming experience. For about 6 hours, I experienced all of what gambling has to offer. Whether it was 5000 different ways to put a coin in a machine and push a button, or throwing dice and yelling stuff, or one of 100 ways to play poker, or just roulette, it was gambling. A particularly funny moment was when Joanna and I were walking through a room and I noticed, but very quietly pointed out, that every player at the poker tables was Asian. Turns out, so were the poker games. I have no idea what was going on there. Something about dominoes.

For $15, it was worth it, definitely. I broke even, basically. Netted $0.25, including the $10 from lunch that they gave us. I won 3 times on the quarter slots, twice for $2.50 and once for $1.25. Nice deal. Joanna is down $4, including a whopping $5 win at Keno, which they let us play for free once.

The place was enormous. Three casinos in one. Unbelievable. It was almost scary. I'm not really tempted to go back, though. It was too much for me. My dad might like the horse racing, but I doubt he'd ever go there. I talked to him tonight when I got back and he said he'd heard about the new racing room, and wasn't thrilled. Not his kind of place, since you'd have to walk through 2.5 casinos to get to it.

Tomorrow (well, today) is Mother's Day. Monday is the Sox game. Might not post 'til Tuesday. Should be fun.

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