Friday, May 4, 2007


Missed another day. Sorry about that. I was busy with my medical exam over at Sikorsky (60 minute wait for a <5 minute "physical"). Not too bad, though.

Today was the first day of The Maids. My mother has hired a cleaning service that does a biweekly cleaning. Today being the first day require a 6 hour cleaning. I was gone for a few hours (went to see Spider-man 3; not too great) and still sat around for a few hours. The house was pretty messy.

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Joanna and her parents are coming down for dinner. I think I have to help my father move some stones around. I also need a haircut. Other than that, no plans.

I was watching "Lou Dobbs Tonight" for a few minutes about an hour ago, and saw a piece on a proposed immigration "points" system. I completely agree with it. Basically, instead of staying on the current system, which gives relatives of green card holders preference, we might move on to a system where things like literacy, skills, and other useful characteristics count towards both green card status and even citizenship. I agree with this for three reasons, as does Dobbs:
  1. This will encourage people to gain skills if they want to stay here.
  2. This will stop people from being a drain on the economy.
  3. Other countries do this and are their economies are beating us.
Sure, other countries, like the U.K. and Australia, have different economies than us, but the simple fact is: illegal immigrants are not a drain on their economies. We are largely capitalistic, so shouldn't we be leaning in this direction ALREADY? If anything, we should use a more extreme version of the English and Australian policies.

Joanna has two friends named Rodrigo and Jose Fragachan, who are from Venezuela. They're very, very bright and great guys. One night after dinner, while sitting waiting in their car for a long train to go by, they started talking about how difficult it was to get a green card. They talked about how frustrating the green card lottery is, and how unfair it is. Random selection simply is not the right way to go. This new system would help these two gain the status they deserve. If anything, I support this for Rodrigo and Jose.

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