Saturday, June 9, 2007


Well, not a bad morning. It's a little wet outside, but the weather could be (and might get) worse. I'm a little pissed at the Monroe Car Wash. I dropped my car off this morning at 9:00AM, and the manager told me, because of the rain, they might not open 'til 10AM. No problem. I had to go to the DMV with my mother to transfer the car over to me. After a VERY short trip to the DMV (45 minutes!), we had to make a stop at the glass place for some window stuff. Then, I called the car wash place. No answer. They closed. Without calling me.

So, I'm going to head over with my spare key and pick the car up. I figure it might scare the shit out of the guy, considering I left a nice little message on their answering machine. Then I'm going to head over to the gym.

Hopefully Bartl will find a place today.

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