Monday, June 11, 2007


First day of work was BUSY. Pretty much the exact opposite of last year. I knew most people, and had a lot to do. Last year I knew basically nobody, and had nothing to do.

I'm now in the UH-60M Flight Controls group, a.k.a. Blackhawk Upgrade. Pretty sweet. I had lunch with my buddies from S-92 FBW. Good guys. I'm pretty glad to be in the new group, though. It's more like what I want to do.

I'm pretty tired. I haven't woken up as early as I woke up this morning in a while. Didn't sleep too well, but I hope to get some GOOD sleep tonight. I've got some work to do tomorrow, and maybe a meeting all morning. So much for the honeymoon period. I don't even have computer access yet. Things are moving fast.

Bed time.

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