Tuesday, June 26, 2007


It's odd how death comes in bunches, or so it seems. Maybe it's just the time of the year... but probably not. Chris Benoit and Rod Beck, both wild and well-known athletes, died within the past couple days. Benoit was a murder-suicide. Then today, I find out a kid I knew briefly during my childhood died mysteriously along with his younger brother. I didn't really know the kid well. He, Chris, was my grandparents' neighbor in Hyannisport for a while. I played with him around our yards. One time he got stung by a hornet in the face. That's about all I remember of him. Sad.

Megan is having a really tough time with the situation she is in with her buddy Mark. You might think my family would be pissed at the kid for making my sister feel so rotten, but he didn't really do anything bad. He simply decided he wanted to pursue a deeper relationship with some one he had already been involved with: his ex-girlfriend. It's a really shitty time for Megan, but she will get over it. She's a good kid.

It's so hot out! It was 96 degrees when I got in my car after work today. Brutal! I'm beat. I cooked dinner for the family tonight. I tried a steak sauce recipe with bleu cheese and scallions. Turned out great.

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