Sunday, June 17, 2007


Nothing says fun like waiting for the TV guy to show up. We're getting a couple new receivers today. He's supposed to be here at around 1:00PM. Fortunately, it seems like we're dealing with a good company, Dish Network, because they've called three or four times to confirm and to notify us about a delay. Not bad service.

Yesterday was fun. I was out a little later than I originally planned, but it was fun. I met Bartl in Stratford, then we headed down to New Haven to meet up with Sam and grab a couple beers. We ate at a place called JP Dempsey's on State Street. Hot shit little place, with surprisingly good food. You wouldn't have thought so when you first walk in, considering there are peanut shells all over the floor. But, it was nice.

Afterwards, we walked back to Sam's apartment and had a series of conversations about politics, religion, Sikorsky, and God knows what. It was nice. We got out of there just past midnight. I got a call from Joanna, which is always nice. I hope she enjoyed her birthday. I think she did.

Today is Father's Day, and my dad is enjoying it as far as I can tell. Despite a little kink in his knee (an unfortunately common occurrence), he's doing well. He liked the hammock, but we have to wait for it to dry before he can try it out. Hopefully by this afternoon it should be good to go.

My task for the day is to clean the deck for Saturday's party (Megan's graduation). Shouldn't be too bad, I guess. There's a bunch of green crap near the table, which I'll need to scrub off. I'm waiting 'til after the TV guy leaves, because he might need to use a ladder to get to the satellite dish on the roof. Getting the deck all wet would probably spell disaster. Friction is our friend, folks. Ha.

I just finished watching a movie called Inside Man. Good movie. I should watch more good movies.

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