Monday, June 25, 2007


Today was the first day of Camp Playland 2007. It's strange that, throughout the day while I was sitting at my desk, that never occurred to me. It was only when I got home that I remembered. It's strange. I spent about six summers working there. It's a great place, and my dad and sister like working there. It's been my dad's summer job for 10 years now. It's like a second home.

This year, however, started out a little differently for my father. The kids were fine. The staff, mostly new employees, is fine. My dad's knee, however, isn't so great. He injured it about a week ago, walking funny. It's probably a torn MCL; he had an MRI on Sunday (at 7:15AM). He's limping pretty badly. For the first time in his career at Camp Playland, crazy Uncle Jack was a spectator.

Megan now works at the pools. Even though she had to put more effort than ever to get the job this year (getting certified in lifeguarding), it seems as if this year she really doesn't want to work there. Maybe it's the experiences she's had at her other jobs. Maybe she's just tired of it. She's been there as long as my father has. The fact that she wasn't offered a position as Senior Counselor also has something to do with it. It's strange. I can't blame her, but my dad wasn't so thrilled at her lack of enthusiasm. Camp is one of his things. At least she's not a bus counselor any more. I did that for a couple years. Overall, it sucked pretty bad.

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