Friday, June 15, 2007


WHOA. I didn't realize I missed a couple days. Wednesday I was busy cooking dinner for the family. Turned out OK, but not great. I really need to learn to follow the recipe. Yesterday I was just lazy.

First week of my professional career is finally over, but I have to say, it wasn't half bad. Today was pretty good overall. I found out yesterday that I will be on Blackhawk for a couple months to get my feet wet, then I'll head over to the CH-53K project at the Broadbridge building. It's a shorter commute from home, so it's not too bad. I drove there this afternoon, and it's a nice looking building. I'm excited. I even might get to go to England!

The weather cleared up today. It's quite nice out. It had been kinda gloomy this week, which, combined with a new sleep schedule, made for a tough week. But, I survived. I also realized that my work day is not nearly as tough as Joanna's. She's way tougher than me, and probably not as smart (because she still somehow seems to want to date me; she must be crazy).

Dinner time.

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