Wednesday, June 6, 2007


A little cooler out today, but nice. Went to the gym this morning before my parents got back from the trip to North Carolina. Feel pretty good right now, but a little tired.

The orientation went pretty well overall. My dad's exhausted after a few nights of poor sleep. Megan went to school today, which is surprising, though with exams coming up it's not such a bad idea. They've been up since 4:00AM...

For once, my mother and I are in agreement about a Presidential candidate, at least a potential one: Fred Thompson. I know Joanna might agree, too. He's the guy who played the admiral in her favorite movie, Hunt for Red October, also one of my favorites (if not my favorite). He's kind of like a smarter, more experienced Ronald Reagan. I'd vote for him. He has experience in the Senate, and he's very well spoken. If he's anything like the characters he's played in movies and on TV, he'd make a good President. With the way the world is now, that's all you really need: good communication skills.

I finally got car insurance. I need to run over with my mom to the DMV tomorrow to register the car in my name. I'd like to see if I can get my license renewed, too. It'd save me a trip. Gotta love the DMV.

Well you can't help but wonder how wonderful comedic timing can be. In her first days in the Navy, Joanna has dealt with a tour group of retarded kids, and is responsible for organizing a burial at sea. What a wonderful world.

We lost power for about an hour this afternoon. Strange. Must have been a car accident. We don't lose power all that often. We used to lose it all the time. Thanks to the new elementary school down the street, it's no longer an issue. In fact, we lose power less often than the rest of town.

Nap time, then more cleaning.

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