Saturday, June 16, 2007



Great day out. A little warmer than yesterday, but not too bad. I woke up earlier than I would've liked, but no big deal. I just finished doing a little meditating. Very relaxing.

Not too busy a day. I just need to run a few errands. Earlier I helped my mother set up a hammock for my father for Father's Day. Nice gift. Maybe I'll get around to using it. My bet is that it will get left out in the rain once or twice. Still, good gift. I'm taking him out golfing.

I'll be the first to congratulate Dustin Pedroia for his break-out game yesterday. Even though he has been hot as a pistol the past six weeks, last night was a real treat. Five for five, five RBI, including a double and a home run. Outstanding. Imagine this: you grow up in Northern California idolizing Barry Bonds. In your rookie season, you play on the Red Sox and witness him play in his first game at Fenway. In the top of the first inning, he nearly jacks one out to right field. The bottom of that same inning, YOU hit a home run. Good work, Dustin.

Gotta run.

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