Saturday, June 30, 2007


Another week down. We're going to be doing more lab work starting next week, so it should start to pick up in pace, but that's OK.

I went to a party over at Jesse Tippett's new place last night. Not a bad little get together. Wasn't a very big place, but it's in a good neighborhood in New Haven and the people were good. I tried this game they call "horse balls." It's like horse shoes, except instead of a horse-shoe, you throw two golf balls tied together with a string at a little three-tiered target (to try to loop the balls around one of the poles). Not a bad game, but there wasn't a ton of room.

I'm going to the Bluefish game tonight with Bartl. Should be fun. I always like going to those games. Pretty cheap tickets for decent baseball.

I just found out I have an additional vacation day, which is nice! It's called an "Additional Holiday," so I'm trying to come up with a good holiday name. Let me know what you think. How about "Jo Bridge Day"?

It's a beautiful day!

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