Friday, June 8, 2007


I feel bad for Curt Schilling. 26 outs, no hits. One out away. Oh well, he still got the complete game win. I can't wait to see what he writes on his blog. What a hell of a performance. The funny part is, it was against a good team. The Oakland A's aren't the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, who were the victims of Derek Lowe's no-hitter back in 2002. AND, Julio Lugo made an error in the 5th. I won't say "If Lugo hadn't made that error, Schilling would have had a perfect game." You can't say that for sure. But I bet Lugo feels bad.

Last week day of freedom. Work starts tomorrow. I'm meeting Dan Bartl for lunch. He's in the area today to look for an apartment. A little late, in my opinion. He's starting on the 18th. Oh well. That's Bartl.

Weather is great again. I think we're getting spoiled. Yesterday, I sat outside for a bit and read a bit of The World is Flat. It was a nice break from cleaning my closet, which hasn't been too difficult.

Joanna seems to be doing well so far. Well, she's the only one who reads this, so you're doing great, sweetheart. I'm so proud of you. Congratulations on the honor of... throwing the ashes of a bunch of dead guys. If I outlive you, I'll be able to do that for you. What a nice thought.

I've gotta go clean out my car. It's getting detailed tomorrow. Fancy.

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