Saturday, March 1, 2008

3-1-08: Prince Harry in Afghanistan

Let's just start off and say that the Royal Family doesn't have a history of being close to "normal," but my view of it changed a little bit when I found out about Prince Harry. That guy has balls. To not only serve your country, but to do so at the front lines in Afghanistan, is pretty awesome. I'll give the guy some real credit. He wanted it to be kept on the down low, which it was for 10 weeks or so, but he had to know the story would break eventually. Smart move getting him out.

Then I thought of the plight of the Prince Harry look-alike in the British Army. Let's say you look somewhat like Harry, and you're in the British Army in Afghanistan. Odds are, if people from your own country have confused you with Harry, some dude in the Taliban with a gun will make the same incorrect assumption. You'll have gone from the occasional "Harry! I love you Harry!" back home to a bullet in the ass in Afghanistan. That would suck.

Sleep well, Harry look-alike. You're safer now.

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