Thursday, March 13, 2008

3-13-08: Movies These Days

I've noticed that a lot of movies these days are just awful. They're really easy to spot, too. You can sit through the 20 or so minutes of previews (and now commercials) at the theatre and easily spot the one or two movies you might see and then pick out the majority of them you'd never want to see, with ease.

I'm not sure if it's that it has become cheaper to produce a film, or if it's just easier to find out about movies these days. I do know there were crappy movies made decades ago. You just never really hear about them. Nowadays you see all the crap. Whether it's a crappy high school movie, or another slap-stick comedy with no plot, or a parody movie like Epic Movie, there always seems to be a simply awful movie out in theatres.

The strange part is that there are people out there who not only pass off on the idea, they support it. Who in their right mind would think some of these movies are any good? Simple: most people just pay attention to the hype. All you really need to do is hype up the film enough to have a good opening weekend. Then people will see that you were #1 at the box office and go see your movie. By the time people realized that it's a really bad movie, you'll be three weeks in and have made millions more than you'd ever hoped for. Money well spent.

This isn't to say that there aren't any good films out there. I saw No Country for Old Men last week and loved it. I'd say that within the past year I've seen some quality films. And, I can't say I've seen fewer good films out at any one time than in the past. I think I've just grown older and developed a keen sense for crap.

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