Friday, March 21, 2008

3-21-08: Day Off; NCAA Tournament

There's nothing quite like a day off. I got a chance to sleep in, watch some SportsCenter (my bracket is doing OK overall; those upsets I was looking for didn't really happen), then basically do nothing for a couple hours. It's been nice.

I'm not a huge college basketball fan, but since there's little else on TV for basically all of March, I'll watch it now. I was watching the Duke vs. Belmont game last night, and I was genuinely entertained... by a first round game. It came down to the very end. Too bad for Belmont, they lost a game they should have won. Oh well.

As far as my bracket goes, here's how I faired yesterday (my picks are in bold):

Notre Dame vs. George Mason - picked the winner
Washington St. vs. Winthrop - picked winner
Kansas vs. Portland St. - picked winner
Kent St. vs. UNLV - picked loser
USC vs. Kansas St. - picked loser (I was back and forth on this one; I had USC going to the Sweet 16)
Wisconsin vs. Cal St. Fullerton - picked winner
Michigan St. vs. Temple - picked loser
Pittsburgh vs. Oral Roberts - picked winner
Marquette vs. Kentucky - picked loser
Stanford vs. Cornell - picked winner
UCLA vs. Miss. Valley St. - picked winner
BYU vs. Texas A&M - picked winner (only "upset" that panned out)
Purdue vs. Baylor - picked winner (I had Baylor until yesterday morning)
Xavier vs. Georgia - picked winner
W. Virginia vs. Arizona - picked loser (dumb pick)
Duke vs. Belmont - picked winner (if Duke lost it would really have screwed my bracket up)

Right now I'm in the middle of pack nationally among iGoogle brackets. The people who picked all favorites (referred to as "chalk") are doing pretty well. That's lame.

My Final Four picks are still alive, though:

North Carolina vs. Clemson
Texas vs. UCLA

And the Championship:

North Carolina 77 - UCLA 74

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