Wednesday, March 19, 2008

3-19-08: Deli Style

I go to this great deli every once in a while, recently it’s been weekly, that has these awesome sandwiches. It’s technically a “Salumeria,” but its website calls it a deli. I’m telling you, great sandwiches. If you’re ever in Stratford, CT, check it out: Gaetano’s.

One of my favorite parts of visiting a traditional deli is the atmosphere. It’s 100% personal. I get sick and tired of these fast food places who try to rush you through as fast as possible, and if you’re lucky you might get a smile. It’s frustrating. When you go into a deli, especially if you’re a regular, you get a smile and they make things fresh right in front of you. And there’s a lot more personality, so don’t tell me “Well you can get that at Subway.” Any place that’s an international chain can’t have local personality.

I really hope there are still delis when “the world becomes flat.” I hope people remember to slow things down. I don’t think it’s a huge problem now, but it does seem like people are slowly forgetting to take their time. People want things done fast fast fast. That’s fine for some things, but food doesn’t have to be done fast. The thing I like most about the South is that they don’t need to be told to slow things down.

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