Saturday, November 8, 2008

11-8-08: Quinnipiac Game

I convinced the lady friend to go to last night's Quinnipiac Men's Ice Hockey game up in Hamden against Colgate. I wanted to check out the new TD Banknorth Sports Center, and was quite impressed. It's a two-sport complex, with an ice rink on one side and a basketball arena on the other, with a lobby area in between. I wonder if they'd ever do two games at once... might be an interesting scene with parking and concessions. For one thing: it's a whole lot better than when they played at the Northford Ice Pavilion. A very nice upgrade.

It wasn't a great game, unfortunately. Despite winning in impressive fashion over UConn last weekend, Quinnipiac didn't look so hot against ECAC foe Colgate. It's not like Colgate played all that great, either. I think part of the problem was that, since it was a pretty warm, moist night (especially for November), the ice wasn't in great shape. It looked a little dicey, which makes for a difficult time for passes to connect. Still, some shots were just plain misses.

Colgate won 1-0 on a cheap 5 on 3 power-play goal in the middle of the third period; the kid scored on a rebound with 10 seconds left on the power play. I thought that was a tough break for Quinnipiac, especially since the second penalty was called just a few seconds after the first; a Quinnipiac player was called for slashing right off the face-off. Pretty weak call by the ref. I normally side with the referee because I was one for several years through middle school and high school, but sometimes you just need to let the teams play. The way Quinnipiac played on that 5 on 3, it could have easily meant the game. If they were 5 on 4, I don't think Colgate would have scored, since they had enough trouble with a two-man advantage.

I also thought the Quinnipiac goaltender played extremely well. The one goal was on a rebound on a 5 on 3; you can't do anything about that as a goalie. All you can do is make the saves on even situations, which he did quite well. Tough loss.

The rink was loud. It's all concrete, which just makes for a very loud rink. It wasn't cold, either, which was nice. I got seats right by the glass for $15 each, but, as the lady friend pointed out, we probably could've gotten away with just buying $5 standing-room tickets and sat there. The section next to us had people coming in and out throughout the game, and ushers didn't check tickets. Lesson for next time: buy the cheap tickets.

Overall, fun time. I'd been in a funky mood for a few days (I think a lot of people have with the time change and whatnot), and it was good to get out. This weekend I have to focus on banging out a bunch of homework for one class and to do the mid-term for the other. Wish me luck!

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