Sunday, November 2, 2008

11-2-08: Two Days To Go

In all likelihood, within 48 hours I will have voted in the 2008 General Election. Within the past week I've gotten more phone calls about polls and received so much campaign literature in the mail, it's hard to keep track of who is running for what.

I'm only old enough to have voted in one prior election, which was back in 2004. I voted for Bush. I remember the feeling of sending in my absentee ballot. Fortunately, this time I'll be able to vote in person. The plan is to go in before work soon after the polls open, but if the line is too long, I can go later. I just want to make sure I cast my vote.

This may be good or bad, but nothing said or done in the last few months since the nominees from each party were formally set has changed my mind. I'm not completely sold one on candidate over the other, but I do know I don't like some of what Obama wants to do. I know a lot of people are looking at the last eight years and saying "We need to avoid repeating that disaster." I look at the past eight years in a slightly different way.

In saying the following, I am not endorsing every thing the Bush Administration has done or not done. I just think it hasn't been all that bad. If you want to place blame on any one person, sure you can blame the President. That's fine. But how much is he really responsible for the market collapse? One could point at the Federal Reserve on that one, as well. Then there's the Democrat-lead Congress, who hasn't shown much promise in the past couple years. I always try to keep things in relation: the President and his administration don't control everything. At least, they're not supposed to do that. If they appear to be, then something needs to be fixed. I'll acknowledge that much. But I won't go so far as to say everything good or bad that's happened over the last eight years falls on the shoulders of any single entity.

I do think Obama is going to win. It's hard to really tell decisively in the polls because of the margin of error, but I don't see McCain pulling this thing off. He's just not the guy to do it. Not to say he's a bad guy, though. And you never know how many of Obama's supporters will actually vote. But it's not looking promising for McCain.

Write in Stephen Colbert.

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