Saturday, November 1, 2008

11-1-08: Bonfires and Blast Hour

This weekend is quite rare indeed. Yesterday was Halloween, and tonight is the annual "Blast Hour," which celebrates the clocks turning back one hour. Some people read a book, many get an extra hour of sleep, but most people my age try to hit the bars for an extra hour. I started celebrating the occasion in college. You know, for its scholarly roots.

Last night I got to see something I haven't seen in about 11 years: my town's Halloween Bonfire. It's put on by the town Lions Club and features a sizable bonfire, cider and donuts, and a Halloween costume competition. Eleven years ago I won my age division. Proudest Halloween moment of my life. Anyway, it was a great time. Some of the costumes were great, some disturbing (the word "jail bait" may have been mentioned), but for the most part the kids put on a decent showing. No, I didn't go alone, so it wasn't some creepy 20-something gawking at kids and fire. I brought some one with me who grew up in a similar small town and enjoys those sort of festivities. There wasn't a whole lot going on otherwise, surprisingly. A few of my co-workers were heading to Stamford for a party held at a bar, but I like bonfires.

And tonight is Blast Hour. I can't remember the last time they occurred in this way (Halloween on a Friday, Blast Hour Saturday night/Sunday morning), but it's pretty awesome. Live it up, America.

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