Saturday, November 15, 2008

11-15-08: Old Movies Made Anew

Pretty interesting night last night in New Haven. The lady friend and I ate a late dinner at a great Lebanese place called Mamoun's. I highly recommend it. Good food at a great price. The odd thing was that when I went to use the bathroom, I walked in to a small, smoky little room. I thought at first that there was a fire, but it turned out to be burning incense. I guess that's just part of the culture.

After that we grabbed some beers at Black Bear, then took a little stroll around the city before heading to "Insomniac Theatre" at the Criterion Cinemas. It's a weekly thing where they show an older movie at 11:40PM. Last night was Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. It's definitely the kind of movie I wish I could've seen in theatres. Not my favorite of the series by any stretch, but still pretty good. And at $5 a ticket, not a bad price!

About 15 minutes in, right around the time to switch over to the second reel, something quite odd happened. The movie started to play upside down and backwards, in about 3/4 speed. It was actually pretty hilarious. For about five minutes it was just nuts. People looked like they were walking on the ceiling, and the lady friend joked that the dialog "almost sounded like German." Perhaps it's a brainwashing technique by Steven Spielberg... Who knows. Anyway, they had to go through and fix that, which took a little over 20 minutes. But then the film went on (even though it skipped about 15 minutes of the film) and was still pretty fun. It's good to see older movies like that.

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