Sunday, November 30, 2008

11-30-08: SNOW; College Football

First snow fall of the season! Not much on the ground, actually. And, it's now hailing lightly. Oh well, it's still (barely) November. Plenty of time for the good stuff to come down later.

I watched most of the USC - Notre Dame game last night. Not much of a game, actually. USC's defense just crushed Notre Dame. It was ugly. I turned it off at the end of the third quarter, and was certainly not surprised to see the final score be 38-3. In fact, I was mostly shocked that Notre Dame actually got in a field goal.

Though last night's game wasn't competitive, it got me thinking about how crazy it is that so many people rely on the BCS. On the car ride home from Framingham yesterday, my dad and I were listening to Sweeny Murti on WFAN field calls from various angry New York sports fans. For about five minutes he spoke with a couple callers about the BCS. Despite being a baseball guy, Murti seemed to have a good working knowledge on how the BCS works and what ideas are out there to improve upon the system.

The problem, as I saw last night in the USC blow-out, is that you really can't judge teams fairly by strength of schedule. Notre Dame, an OK but not great team, was no match for USC at home. It was just unfair. And now, some other team who probably hasn't played USC this year has to suffer because of it. It's just too much for a non-head-to-head system to solve.

The "Plus One" system seems to be the best solution for now. No, it won't be a full-blown playoff, which a lot of people including myself feel would be the best solution, but it's better than the current system. From what I understand is that the "Plus One" solution would involve the bowl games being played, the teams would then be re-ranked, and a national championship would then be played between the top two teams. Frankly, I think that's fine for now. It won't please the purists, but since the bowl games represent a lot of $$$, you'd might as well go with it.

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