Sunday, November 16, 2008

11-16-08: I Just Saved a Bunch of Money on My Car Insurance by Switching to...

As my current policy is expiring in early December, and I live in the great insurance-driven state of Connecticut (which is fortunately not price-fixed like our northern neighbors in Massachusetts), I shopped around the last few days for new insurance.

My current provider is Progressive, from whom I bought a policy back in June. I try to go six months at a time with these, just in case. Well, Progressive's new rate wasn't so hot. It had gone down slightly, but I felt like I was getting jobbed a bit. So, I did some searching.

After some online quotes and phone calls, it's come down to Geico. In fact, I just got off the phone with them a few minutes ago to buy the policy. I then called Progressive and canceled the renewal on my current policy. The strange part is, unlike when I canceled my policy with Liberty Mutual back in June, Progressive didn't even try to bargain with me. They asked what my new rate was going to be (well, they asked what I was quoted at; I'd already bought the policy because I strongly doubted they were going to beat it), and just helped me cancel the renewal. They were very polite, so in six months, I'll keep them in mind.

Just for some perspective: I'll be saving 35% on my new policy with Geico versus my renewal rate with Progressive. Thirty-five percent means approximately $250 over the course of the six month policy. That's huge. Man am I glad I called those guys.

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