Sunday, August 5, 2007


Another lazy weekend, but I like it that way. Got my haircut at Supercuts in Fairfield. The lady was really nice, which always helps. You don't see that enough in business: nice people. I think it's technology that's done it, to be honest. It's so easy to avoid personal contact, that people just fall out of practice. Barber shops can't avoid people, otherwise they'd be out of business. It's nice to see people. All business really is, and should always be, is people interacting to improve each other's lives.

I love fiction. I like non-fiction a lot, history especially, but fiction is better. Sure, non-fiction teaches you how the real world works, but fiction makes you think outside the box, which is necessary. I love making up stories of fictional characters, usually after reading or watching a movie, and acting out their lives in my head. It's something I've always done. It's good to maintain a good imagination, I think. It opens up your mind to new ideas. My girlfriend thinks I'm certified nuts, no doubt. I had her act out with me in the car once on the way up to school. She was being nice, but she's mostly honest with me. That's good feedback. That's what I like. When I'm in a mental hospital at age 75 and she's visiting with my grandkids, I hope she tells them that I like to live by my own rules. That will, of course, never happen. They'll never catch me! Ha ha!

This is a bit crazy, but is something I've run by a couple people already, with mixed results. Is it too insane to have this death wish: at the age of 95, I want to go sky-diving, but I don't want to get all caught up in the bullshit of a "safe landing." I'd be 95. If I broke my leg or something, I'd be fucked anyway, so why be safe? I think it'd be the best way to die: going 100 miles an hour into the fucking ground. I have 74 years to think this through, so I'm far from making a decision. The real sick part, which I have since reconsidered, is that I might invite my family to see it. No, I wouldn't lie to them and say "I want you to see me accomplish something great." Hell no, I'd be up front, if I did invite them (which I won't). I'd tell my grandkids "Don't ever let some one tell you how to live or how to die. Fuck 'em. Be nice to people, but live your own life." Then, the next time they'd see me, I'd be six feet under, and gravity will have done all the work. Ha! This is all fictional, by the way. Like I said, I do love fiction.

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