Saturday, August 18, 2007


Long day, but not too bad. My dad and I left for LaGuardia at around 5:40AM; got there at about 6:45AM (with a stop for coffee that wasn't on the way). I hate driving into New York. I had the option for Westchester Airport to drop him off, but decided against it because it was an earlier flight. My mistake. One that I won't make again, if I have the option. It could be 3:30AM, I'd rather drive to Westchester. Something about the city just irks me. On the way back I got a very welcome phone call from Joanna. Within 20 minutes, I went from the edge of the Bronx (terrible driving) to through Stamford. Fantastic timing. No traffic.

Schilling is getting shelled by the Angels as I'm writing this. Too bad for him. I really can't say he's the ace any more. With Beckett's success this year, it's easy to put him down as the #1, and Schilling has been hurt for a good portion of the season so far. People get confused sometimes with him because you want him to be good for the post-season, but then again, you want him to get at least 15 wins. At his age, that's a lot to ask, but he knows his role on the team. Schilling may talk a lot, but he has every right to, and should if he wants. He's earned it, and I agree with most of what he has to say, so, if anything, I just want to see people agree with him.

Spurs won big over Derby County 4-0. Myself and Bill Simmons are happy. They showed Steve Nash at the game. He's a big fan. It just so happens that the most talented Canadian soccer player (Captain of the Canadian National Team), plays for Spurs: Paul Stalteri. I'm sure Stalteri is a Suns fan. Canadian sports stars that aren't hockey players tend to stick together, and stick out. Look at Larry Walker; best Canadian baseball player ever. Not a huge crowd to pick from there, except maybe Jason Bay.

You have to love David Ortiz. Sox just scored 6 runs to pull ahead 6-5; Ortiz just hit a grand slam. Huge, long home-run to right field. There haven't been that many big moments like that this season, despite the success. Great moment. I'm going to go watch some baseball and fall asleep. Practice LSAT tomorrow.

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