Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Have you seen that video on Youtube called "Chocolate Rain"? Apparently it's a huge hit. It's by a goofy kid named Tay Zonday, who has this ridiculously low, but good, singing voice. It's a sad song, but has an interest vibe to it.

Slow week at work, but I've tried to keep myself busy. A lot of reading, but nothing too bad. The stock market sure is struggling. My mutual funds are doing terribly, but fortunately for me, it's just a paper loss. I plan on pumping money into those monthly, so with all the ups and downs, it should work out well. That's the beauty of long-term investing: just wait, and things should get better.

The Jose Offerman incident the other night is pretty interesting. Basically, Offerman went after a pitcher for the Bridgeport Bluefish (who I saw play a few days ago) and the catcher, with a bat, and injured both. Offerman had been beaned by the pitcher, and charged the mound. I liked what Mike Wilbon on Pardon the Interruption said: (paraphrased) "If a pitcher can throw a ball at you going 90+ miles per hour, you should have the right to use a bat, which is just another weapon, and go after him." Seems like a fair argument. Baseball is weird like that. Offerman went nuts, there's no doubt, but wouldn't you go crazy, too? If you hit a home run off a guy, then he drills you the next time up, you know it was probably intentional. Another funny fact: Offerman used to play for the Bluefish (along with seven different MLB teams). The world is small.

Well, I took some allergy relief pills a few hours ago. They're starting to kick in now. Should be a good night's sleep.

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