Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I had my first trip over to the new building I'll be working at some time in September. Nice, quiet building. Should be nice. The people over there are good guys, but I feel really, really young. Most of the guys have been working for the company longer than I've been alive. It's definitely scarier for them than it is for me, though.

Stocks really kill me sometimes. I have a Roth IRA with Vanguard, and right now all of the money goes into a "Target Retirement Fund." Basically, it's a fund that will dabble in stocks, bonds, and other securities, and will change the mix over time as my retirement draws closer. It's not specifically tailored to me, per say, but it's good 'til the year 2050. Close enough. I can't retire until 2052. Boy, am I young. Well anyways, the stock market has been in a real funk for the past week or two, and the fund went from a nearly 7% yield on September 19th... to 0.98% yield as of today. It's just a paper loss, though. In fact, I should probably invest a few bucks now that I know it can only go back up. Hmm... I'll probably just let it be for now. I'm on a schedule, anyway. It could always go back down, anyway. It's at 90% stocks right now, so it's pretty volatile.

The Sox made a pretty good trade yesterday for Eric Gagne, a relief pitcher who had great success for a couple years in Los Angeles for the Dodgers. He'll make a good 8th inning guy. They had to trade a good young arm for him, but it's still a decent deal. We needed another good reliever. Good work, Theo. The only bigger deal done before the trade deadline was between Atlanta and Texas. Great deal for both teams. Texas got a great catching prospect, and more, and Atlanta got Mark Teixeira, a very good first baseman. Besides that, no other big deals. The Yankees dealt away Scott Proctor, a guy they virtually abused with all the innings he had to pitch. They did the same thing with Paul Quantrill. Just work him to death, then trade them away when their arms go bad. It's just business, but you feel bad for the guy. The strangest thing is that the Yankees picked up another infielder for Proctor. They needed pitching. They got... another infielder. Good work, Cashman. To be honest, though, the market wasn't too good this year.

Ten days 'til Spurs start their 07/08 campaign! Come on, you Spurs!

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