Saturday, August 11, 2007

8-11-07: New Haven and Fuel Economy

Funny coincidence. Just as I say how I wouldn't mind cold weather, the temperature drops nearly 45 degrees in two days. Not bad, though! I do enjoy 60 degree weather (or below; it was in the mid to low 50's yesterday). It was quite cold, but nice. I had the chance to wear my jacket last night in New Haven. That was nice. I had a little bit of an embarassing moment with a little beer spillage at the bar (Richter's, very old by very nice), but the waitress was funny and gave me another one at no cost. Bartl and I hung out with Jesse for a couple hours. Jesse's a good guy.

Jesse has all these projects he's working on with is car, trying to get 100 miles to the gallon. Pretty crazy stuff. He showed us a video of a guy who ran a dune buggy at 100 miles to the gallon, ON WATER. Apparently the guy was killed or something, back in the 80's. The video was from a news program. His name was Stan Meyer, from Grove City, Ohio. In the video he said he had a bunch of patents taken out for it (back in 1989). I checked Google Patents, and he has a bunch. All sorts of conspiracy theories surrounding his death, and whether or not the oil companies had something to do with suppressing his inventions. Who knows. I think with the recent X Prize competition should help bring back that kind of technology. It's really fascinating stuff. I told Bartl that once we get our JD's we should help Jesse out with this, maybe start a business. It's just wishful thinking, and I'm not sure how far Jesse wants to take it, but it's good experimentation.

First day of the English Premier League! I'm watching Spurs play Sunderland right now (not live; I recorded it; waking up for the 7:45AM start wasn't something I was quite able to do this morning). I even have my replica home jersey on. It's good to cheer for multiple teams in multiple sports, I think. It's a nice break. Joanna thinks I'm obsessed with sports, which is not far from the truth... Actually, she's pretty much on the ball with that one. Wow, I even used a sports analogy to describe her accuracy. It's pretty sad, actually.

Great weather outside, so I'm going to go out and enjoy it.

I'm so proud of you, sweetheart! We all are. It's so cool what you're doing.

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