Monday, October 1, 2007

10-1-07: Politics and Baseball Predictions

This probably won’t happen, but don’t you think it would be funny if Mike Gravel actually won the Presidency? I’d personally rather like to see some one like Ron Paul win, as far as extremists go, but I think Gravel’s a funny guy.

I saw another highlight reel of Gravel from last week’s Democratic Debate at Dartmouth College. The guy is an absolute riot. The things he says just make you wonder if behind the scenes he smiles, laughs, and tells his closest buddies: “Can you believe that shit I just said?! Whoa! Let’s see how long this thing can go.” I’m not suggesting he’s fake. I think he really is a bit of on oddball, but it makes for fantastic entertainment. With the election now just 400 days away, things are really starting to heat up.

Here’s my prediction: Hillary vs. Giuliani. I know, saying the two favorites will face off against each other is lame, but more often than not it comes true. I hope Obama gives Hillary a good run for the money, but she has a bit more experience, and she happens to be married to Bill Clinton. I thought it was funny this morning when I heard Bill say, in an interview on ABC, that “she will be the policy maker.” No shit. How bad would that look, having Bill make Hillary’s decisions for her? That might come back to hurt her, but I guess Bill had to say it. It doesn’t matter, because I think Giuliani will beat her. But if I had my way, Fred Thompson would be President.

October is finally here, which means the weather is getting cooler, and BASEBALL is the word of the month. If it weren’t for the Patriots playing tonight in Monday Night Football, I’d be tempted to watch the one-game playoff for the National League Wild Card between the Padres and Rockies. What a story that would be if Colorado won, but I think San Diego has the edge with Peavy. Still, Fogg has been coming on strong this past month, and the Rockies have a better offense. It’s also AT Colorado, which is a result of their 10-8 record against the Friars. Should be a good game.

You saw it here first. Here are my predictions for the ALDS and NLDS:

Boston vs. Los Angeles: Boston in 4

New York vs. Cleveland: New York in 5

San Diego* vs. Philadelphia: Philly in 5

Chicago vs. Arizona: Arizona in 4

* Colorado vs. Philadelphia: Colorado in 5

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