Monday, October 22, 2007

10-22-07: The Pennant

It’s a good day for Red Sox fans nationwide (I’ll never get Red Sox Nation, nor will I reference it). With a resounding comeback, again, the Red Sox are in the World Series, again. It’s pretty remarkable, but there are a few things about the series, especially Game 7, that I found quite interesting.

The two biggest names in Game 7 were Youkilis and Pedroia, who combined for 7 RBI in the top two spots in the lineup. Pedroia’s double in the bottom of the 8th blew the game open, and it was only fitting that Youkilis hit a home-run next to drive him home. Earlier in the game, Ellsbury doubled before a Pedroia home-run. Are you sensing a theme? It’s called home-grown talent. It’s remarkable how, despite all the big names teams like the Red Sox and the Yankees and other powerhouses have, sometimes it’s nothing but rookies and old farmhands who get it done. Last night was a perfect example. Of the 10 runs batted in by the Red Sox, 7 were by players brought up in Boston’s farm system. Sure, Ramirez, Lowell, and Drew each drove in runs, but to cap it all off with a spectacular performance by the rookies and Youkilis, it made it that much sweeter.

I feel bad for Indians fans, though. It’s different this time than in 2004 when the Sox came back from 3-0 against the goddamn Yankees. That was nice. It felt good to see the same fans who gave me such grief in high school squirm for a bit. It was nice to watch the YES Network to see them suffer. I’m just being honest. But last night, I legitimately felt sorry for Indians fans. They’re good people who had a great team to cheer for this year. They’re far from spoiled, and could use some luck. They’re going through the same sort of suffering Boston fans have gone through in the past, and I hope things work out for their team in the future. But, if it involves beating the Red Sox, I won’t feel too bad if they lose again. If the wait is under 86 years, which will be true until 2034, they don’t really have much to complain about. It’s been 10 years since the won the Pennant, so that can wait a bit longer too.

The Rockies are a good team, so it should be a nice World Series. Game 1 is on Wednesday night. I can’t wait. Oh yeah, here’s a Kenny Lofton joke I just came up with:

“Did you hear what happened to Kenny Lofton on his drive home after losing the ALCS?

Apparently he was pulled over for blowing through a stop sign. The cop, an Indians fan, just sighed and said ‘Christ, did you have to wait this long?!’”

Have a fantastic trip, sweetheart! Love you!

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