Friday, October 26, 2007

10-26-07: Fire Safety

It was another good game for the Red Sox last night. Hopefully they can keep it up.

Thank God the fires in southern California are finally dying down. I have to say, what those firefighters did, and what firefighters across the world do on a daily basis, is absolutely remarkable. They never get enough credit for the job they do. The wildfires that wreaked so much havoc are under their control, and it’s simply amazing. My hat’s off to those guys. They’re the real heroes. But… tomorrow we’ll be talking about Britney Spears again. It’s sad.

But the fires got me thinking of something. I realized it at the gym after work. Maybe it’s a strange habit, but I like to keep myself prepared in the event of a fire. Not all the time, just in situations where I know there are a lot of people around. I usually like to know where the nearest exit is, and how to get there, and I keep my personal belongings near me, or in an accessible place. For example, at the gym, I like to put all of my stuff in my bag, then just grab it and go after working out. It’s not a normal routine, by any means, since I don’t do it all the time. It’s just something practical that I like to do.

Another thing that these fires reminded me of is… why do people enjoy living in southern California so much? I know the weather is great, but look at the threats of earthquakes, drought, wildfire, drought, landslides, mudslides, Mexican invasions, you name it. It’s not exactly the safest place to live. But land prices are so damn high. I just don’t get it. All New England really ever worries about is the occasional Nor’ Easter or blizzard. We sometimes get really heavy rain and flooding, but that’s seasonal. A trip last winter to Venice had me asking the same questions. Venice is flooded for a certain amount of time every year. The name for it is Aqua Alta. People actually have to walk on raised platforms to get around parts of the city. The gondola business shuts down. It’s a nightmare. But… people love living there. I guess it just depends on how much suffering you’re willing to do to really enjoy living somewhere. But, sometimes, you just wonder… why?

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