Tuesday, October 30, 2007

10-30-07: It’s So Cold!

One thing that always kills me about New England is when the seasons change. It’s not a smooth process. When Fall is supposed to roll around, it cools down for a bit, then sometimes Indian Summer rears its head and the heat returns for a week or two. Then, it’s a little cooler (high 50’s), then it’s in the high 30’s the next morning. This week isn’t really too bad, but the sudden changes are crazy. It’s part of the experience, though.

Well, Tottenham Hotspur has a new manager. Martin Jol was “sacked” the other day in a UEFA Cup game against Getafe (pronounced “Heh-towf-ay”), and Juande Ramos, the manager from Sevilla FC, is the new manager for Spurs. I’m excited (well, as excited as a new fan to a team can be), because it might be the start of the good. Spurs are currently 18th out of 20, so they need to get going to move up in the league. They’re historically a 2nd tier team in the Premiership, which they were hoping to improve upon this year. Right now, 2nd tier is looking pretty damn good. The strange part is that with one win they could theoretically go from 18th to 14th. That’d be nice. They’ve had some injury problems that should hopefully clear up, and they need better defenders. I listen to a podcast called “Cock on Ball” by these two English guys named Scott and Dave. It’s on about once a week and is drop-dead hysterical at times. They’re huge fans of the club.

The Patriots really thrashed the Redskins the other day. I haven’t seen any highlights (I don’t get most of the games down here), but with a score like 52-7, I’m guessing there were a few touchdowns. The strange part was the reaction from a few of the Redskin players, saying the Patriots had no class by running up the score. This isn’t a division 1-A college team beating up on a 1-AA team. It’s professional football. If you don’t want a team scoring 52 points to make you look bad, maybe you should figure out how good a team you really are. With a salary cap, the field is more level than most sports. All the complaints do is hide how bad a game Washington played. That’s all. Next week against Indianapolis should be fun.

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