Sunday, October 7, 2007

10-7-07: October?

It feels a bit like Indian Summer outside. It's 75 degrees and sunny. Nice day, but I'm still looking forward to the fall weather. I like it nice and cool.

Very entertaining game today for Spurs. Liverpool is a bit weak this week, especially after a tough loss in the Champions League. Both teams had their chances, and Spurs scored two great, almost identical, goals. But, Liverpool tied it up at the end. Disappointing, but Tottenham got away with a point at a tough venue. Still, it would've been a great win. Oh well. They're moving up in the table.

Big game today for the Red Sox. Let's see how it goes. But... I'm looking forward to the Yankees game, too. It'd be unfortunate if they're eliminated so soon...

I wanted to try to put a video in one of the posts, so here's a goofy one from a zoo in Thailand:

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