Friday, September 7, 2007

9-7-07: Mormons

I'm not the biggest fan of Mitt Romney, but a funny thought popped in my head the other day regarding his chances of winning the Republican nomination as a Mormon. I am not a supporter of Mitt Romney. I am far from an expert on the Mormon cult, and I think polygamy is wrong. But...

Wouldn't you think, using the example of polygamy, that he'd have some excellent time management skills? I'm not sure how many wives he has. In fact, I'm pretty sure he has just one. BUT… he has to be friends with people with multiple wives, or atleast his wife is. So, let's go through this logic. If some one were to be married to multiple people, they'd MOST LIKELY (though not definitely, as there is the chance they are poor spouses) have good time management skills. If you were to be friends with them, or better yet share the same faith, you MIGHT have some of those good time management skills rub off on you. We're very often creatures of our environment, and those skills sure would help him as President. Being a part of a polygamic lifestyle has its side benefits, even for those who choose only to marry one other person. Yes, I used "polygamic" in the last sentence. That word is 99% of the reason why I even wrote this post.

A similar thing can be said about Rudolph Giuliani being a Catholic. Sure, Catholicism is far from being taboo, especially compared to Mormonism, but there are people who would not vote for Rudy simply because he is a Catholic. As a Catholic, I'm a bit biased, since I'd love to see a second Catholic President (though I hope the second has a lot better luck than the first…), but I'm not voting for Giuliani just because he and I shared (he's been divorced twice, so he's now fake Catholic) the same faith. I'm not planning on voting for Giuliani over Fred Thompson. But, I think having raised as a Catholic could help Giuliani. We're a faith that pretty much brings a lot upon ourselves, be it through harsh punishment or strict beliefs. Giuliani is a lot more liberal than the super Catholics, but he has been around enough of them to, like Romney, have a little of that humility rub off on him.

The moral of the story: religion shouldn’t enter into why you vote for some one, because, not only is it irrelevant and inherently unconstitutional to, it could work to both hurt AND help the candidate.

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