Friday, September 21, 2007

9-21-07: Pizza at Dunkin’s ?!

Today I witnessed something quite disturbing. After recalling the incident at around lunch time, I nearly lost my appetite. Well, sort of. The recollection of this incident reminded me of something I ate when I was in Thailand and… yeah, I’m losing my appetite right now. Thanks.

This morning I went into the new Dunkin’ Donuts down the street from my office, on my way into work. It’s a pretty normal looking Dunkin’s from the outside, and the interior is pretty normal. What’s different is the menu. Maybe this is just an experiment they’re doing at select locations (or at least I hope so), but it’s just awful. On their menu, in addition to the standard donuts, coffee, bagels, etc., are “toastable snacks” such as (PREPARE YOURSELF) pizza and wrap sandwiches. PIZZA… at Dunkin’ Donuts… WHY?! It’s pretty much as close to a sacrilege without being in a church.

I was wondering all day what sort of benefit they’re hoping to gain from this. Can you imagine walking down the street, seeing a Dunkin’ Donuts and saying “You know, I sure could use a pizza right now. Not a real one, just a toasted, pre-made one.” I’m sure some one will lose their job with this, or at least I hope so. When you have the word “donuts” right in your business’ name, you’d think it was obvious what sort of general market you should be in. Pizza ain’t one of them. There are tons of places that sell pizza. Not too many succeed with donuts and pizza.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with experimenting. That’s the business’ right. But there’s a cost. Hardcore customers like my family will see Dunkin’ Donuts differently if they decide to keep shit like this going. I mean, PIZZA?!

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